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Thread: Anything new on the DMM front?

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    Anything new on the DMM front?

    It's been pretty quiet here, the support page is out-of-date, and no hint of Maya 2016 (already at SP3) anywhere.
    Has DMM for Maya reached end-of-life (like its 3ds Max counterpart)? It seems like too much a waste of a good product, if so.

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    Things are definitely not dead with DMM. We just finished adding some more improvements for large mesh support that have been sent to one of our film customers. Those improvements are now being tested in the 2016 version of the plugin. Some changes are being made for the Linux build and we are working on cloud versions of DMM along with a new floating license manager that will allow licenses to be moved between machines.

    Unfortunately, it's just taking longer than we thought. The builds for Windows and OS X are working for Maya 2016, but the license manager is still being put online. That's the hold-up right now.


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    Thank you. That's good to know and look forward to.
    Good luck with that pesky license manager.

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    Hi Vik,

    any chance I can buy a win 2016 version of DMM in the very next days lol?...

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    Any news here last I heard you were just trying to button down the floating license. It would be great to get the DMM 2016 release and some information about when it will happen.

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    We are testing the floating license system now. Our film customers are testing the updated version of the solver on some very large meshes. We are working very hard to make sure everything runs without issue before getting builds out.


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    Thanks for the update.

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    So where is the News and updates for the Maya 2016 DMM .

    Is it not the Dmm is getting delayed and delayed I mean what exactly is cooking.......pls shed some lights....otherwise a lot of users would start looking for way around and alternatives.

    this time really I sound Harsh.....then let it be.


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