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Thread: strength of field (maya fluid)

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    strength of field (maya fluid)


    I am using a Maya fluid as a field on my dmm objects.
    Now I wonder how I can control the strength of the field on the dmm objects.
    I have my scene scale set the way the dmm sim works fine.
    Now when I want to blow away the dmms with a fluid force they are already influenced before the fluid hits them.
    ( Guessing this is due to my large scale. I got pretty big velocity vectors in my fluid).
    Is there something like a Multiplier which lets me control the strength of the fluid on the dmms?



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    Hi Rico,

    I am not certain how the fields are being applied to the DMM object, but I would suspect that they are instantaneous with varying strength as the fluid emitter approaches the DMM Object. You might try adjusting the field distance or strength to get the results you want. You can adjust a field's strength by going to its attribute settings.



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