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Thread: Warning: DMM: no tet mesh found for index #

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    Warning: DMM: no tet mesh found for index #

    Hey Vik, i occasionally get this warning message occurring on random DMM objects which causes several issues with sim and export.

    Warning: DMM: no tet mesh found for index #

    The problem is that i cant see any way to identify which object it is that is causing this error. The only way i can currently fix it is to systematically remove objects until the error disappears.

    Any better solutions??



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    Hi Jim,

    You can circumvent the error by re-tetrahedralizing the object. If you can send us the mesh you are having an issue with, that would be helpful. We have seen this happen occasionally. You can send the mesh to


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    but therein lies the problem, i had a scene with several hundred objects, all the meshes pass the validation but when it comes to simulate i got the above error message without any information regarding the object that is causing it.

    Unfortunately i dont have the scene file any more to send but even just adding a an better identifier in the error message would be great. At current it does list the object index number but this doesnt seem to have any clear relation to a scene object. Giving the name of the dmm object instead would make life much easier to debug

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    Thanks for the feedback. We will look into adding better error messages for the upcoming release.


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    awesome, thanks. Out of interest when will the next release be out?

    In the next version Anssi and I were talking and we would love to have it possible that you can attach any object as a surface mesh without going through the DMM verification (non breaking objects). We often have objects with holes/ intersecting verts that take a lot of time to clean up and make "DMM ready" but does this really need to be the case if we are not planning to fracture them?

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