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Thread: DMM stops working after 28th frame with only 8 more frames to go

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    Angry DMM stops working after 28th frame with only 8 more frames to go

    I do have a heavy DMM setup and for some reason when I press play to cache DMM from frame 1-36, It renders to frame 28 and within that frame my CPU drops from 100% to 12%-16%. My RAM is about 5GB all the way through until within the 28th frame when the CPU drops as mentioned, the RAM goes up to 14GB. Program doesn't crash or anything. The only way to stop it from "rendering" is to force quit Maya
    I'm running:
    Maya 2014
    Windows 7 Pro 64bit Bootcamp Mac.
    Quadro 4000
    32GB RAM
    8 Core CPU

    It is frustrating, because when I stop and go from frame 29-36, it renders the rest but can't put them together obviously because of the cache.
    Can anyone help, please? I have been trying to finish this animation for 8 months now.
    Thank you for taking a look.

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    when this happens it means your machine is unable to handle the calculations needed. My only suggestion is to look at where you can shed tets. I know this is not the best solution but its the only offering i have. Best of luck

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    Hooooo... Ok. I will take a look. Thanks so much for your response.

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    Now that I have cut down the whole scene I get worse render frames. Stopping at 16th frame now. To simplify the new break down: One bench was at 13,000+ faces and I cut it down to 4000. What gives? Can someone who works at Pixelux chime in, please? I did pay for the full version.

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    by the way mandark1011, thank you for your comments.

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    Can you tell me how many tets your scene has in total?



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