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Thread: Future of DMM and Max OSX

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    The DMM API has a lot of cool features which we will be making available in the Octane Render integrated version. The nice thing about this is that DMM will suddenly be available on every platform Octane Render supports, which is quite a large set.

    We are also working on accelerating DMM simulation with Cloud Hardware. This will allow you to do some pretty spectacular simulation that is not possible to do on an ordinary PC.


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    Absolutely. The DMM Maya 2016 version will have some new features too. As for when, we are targeting the next month for a release.


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    Hi Vik. Good to hear about FEA/DMM reference in Sci-Tech award in Feb this year!

    I am currently using DMM plug-in (free) in Maya 2015. I am considering to buy full DMM plug-in. If i buy 2015 plug-in, do i also get 2016 version when it comes out, or do you recommend i wait till 2016 plug-in is out at this stage? Are the prices going to be comparable? Anothe questuon is that will 2016 plug-in be backward compatible? I have Maya 2015 and 2016. Thanks.



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    I am also looking forward to buy this cool Plugin and shall strengthen the skills in Destruction's.

    This time I am 100% going to buy the 2016 version of Dmm.

    Vik,My only request to you would be ,pls don't bring the UI of 2015 DMM with -out the sliders that are far more efficient in controlling the values ,instead its very glitch to add such a large values manually.

    Especially of the first attribute of Material Proprieties..

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    So I am looking to put hands on Newly generated and improved DMM for Maya 2016.What would be the waiting time.

    Pls Vik...Make it fast for uS...

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    It would be nice and better to get at least some indications of the Product launch.

    Its my request,despite of the busy schedule of DMM company and lines of pending project to be accomplished,I think user must get some rough estimation of Launch date and event .

    If we are looking to release a Mega-version to welcome 2016 DMM.

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    No response to the last 4 posts since April? Is everything ok?

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    Well this is not some thing appreciable,what ever the reasons of delay or reschedule at least the users must deserves the right to have Right In formations and

    Vik,U have stated in yours previous response that we are scheduling Dmm 2016 for next month release,so where is the the Updated information .

    Pls do not let users in Dark and despite of your's Busy Schedule,Pls spare at least a few minutes on our queries,it would be sincerely appreciable.

    Thanks Vik.....Pls take it on a Friendly note....

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    I can appreciate that. There are some good tutorials both free and paid that show how to do things with DMM, and I think the results with all the movies we have been used in speak for themselves. However it's a good idea to highlight features visually so we will be doing more of that.

    Right now, we are working hard to get some new features into the Maya 2016 build. Better simulation of larger structures and material regions are the two big things we are adding to this version.


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    Happy New Year, Vic and the team! Any update since your last post in July 2015? Thanks!


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