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Thread: Future of DMM and Max OSX

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    Future of DMM and Max OSX

    Hi! I love the plugin and we would probably adopt it in our vfx studio. But there is no OSX version for Maya 2015? The website and the forum seem to get a little dusty, you announced a new version for non-windows systems but it does not seem to come out.

    Can we expect a Maya 2015 OSX version, and another one that will follow for 2016?


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    Glad you like it!

    We've made some improvements to the plugin - namely material regions and some other stuff that we will be releasing in an update at the end of the year (we did the work for another customer and cannot release it until then).

    The OS X versions for both 2015 and 2016 will be out. The 2015 one has been delayed because we have been busy on a number of other projects for film customers.


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    Thank you so much Vik, yes your plug-in is the best among the fracture add ons for maya. Stop feeding MPC! Feed us!! hahaha, we are on our way to choose a fracture solution at our small vfx studio, I really hope we can go with DMM as I enjoyed so much working with the demo version on my pc.

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    Thanks Rick!

    Well we do have a number of other licensees for the DMM API besides MPC now. Sony, Mr. X and a couple of others. Our plugin is being used by a lot more people as well


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    Hi again Vik,

    I know this is not an exact science, but you would not have a ETA for osx maya 2015?... Can we expect it before the release of maya 2016?



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    Hi Eric,

    I am building it right now

    We've been very busy lately, so I apologize for that.


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    I have a purchased DMM plugin for Maya 2013 on Mac OSX. But not really using 2013 anymore...
    Now release 2016 is about to be released and there still aren't any for Mac over 2013? Are you guys really working on it?

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    We are working on new versions. We are adding some new features and improving the solver. Lately, our time has been focussed on the Octane Render integration. There's just a lot of stuff we are working on that has delayed getting releases out.

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    Well Vick,I must say this time pls also prepare a small debut or a small show-reel focusing the New abilities of the DMM.

    I have seen other guys like PDi and Fracture FX,like the way they showcased their newly implemented tools to give crystal vision to the users.

    How-ever by no-means I am comparing the abilities of DMM with any-other product available in Digital Market ,Bcoz I had a huge respect for this Plugin.

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    So Team Pixelux,When should we expect to have DMM for Maya 2016........???

    As we all know Autodesk has released Maya 2016.


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