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Thread: DMM Plugin for Maya 2015 Now Available

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    DMM Plugin for Maya 2015 Now Available

    The DMM Plugin for Maya 2015 is now available for Windows. We will have the Mac and PC versions up soon. You can download it here:


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    AWESOME!!!!! thanks Vik

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    Hello All

    Whats new in DMM 2015....Where to find the list of new things added or list of things whats fixed.

    Do we have Help support to read out things in 2015....

    Thanks....For taking look inside thread.

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    There are a couple of different fixes related to things like the DMM preferences not getting set properly and some internal solver issues. We have a lot more stuff coming in an update for the plugin later this year which will include simulation in the cloud, material regions, GPU acceleration for Autotet and other stuff to make everyone more productive

    You can read the announcement we made with OTOY regarding the Cloud stuff here:


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    Just a query,I came to know about the Houdini FEM(Finite Element Method) Solver.I am interested in knowing that the functionality and formula to derive the equation of stress based upon which the software and plugins do work, Is that going to be same in Houdini and DMM .If Houdini has implemented in their system FEM Solver would it has a same functionality as DMM holds like detecting stress and producing results on various Material Properties.

    If some one wished to know the difference will it would be a knowable thing for a non-programmer or coder person like me.

    Yes,despite of the fact the accuracy and speed which i am sure is different in both the systems.I am not sure about this bcoz i do not work on Houdini,but had a chance to watch the demo.

    I f i needs to know the difference between Houdini FEM and DMM??.What it is, PLs help .

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    The Houdini FEM solver is different from ours in several ways:
    1) It is slower. DMM has been optimized for speed over many years.
    2) It does not support plasticity.
    3) It hasn't been used in nearly as many projects and is less mature.
    4) DMM is built on real-world values. You can type in numbers from a material sciences textbook to simulate those values.
    5) DMM uses barycentric deformation so the simulation mesh does not have to match the surface mesh.

    Our film customers have not felt a need to switch to Houdini FEM. They are quite happy with DMM.


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    The DMM of Maya 2015 is very fast.
    two questions
    1. my attribute editor for the DMM_object seems to be stuck into a size greater than my screen with no scroll bar, my default Maya AE is fine so im not sure if this was because of something in the plugin. It makes getting to show internal faces very difficult (this now appears at the bottom of the list rather than right on top). Could you guys expose that into the channel box controls in the next release?
    2. Do you foresee DMM for Maya 2015 having any issues working with the upcoming Extension 1 release?
    really looking forward to MultiMaterials and seeing what you guys have come up with to speed up workflows.

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    Thanks Vik,Its really fascinating that years of research and progress has made this Product unique in industry.I was also noting down that H Guys were using very high values of sub-step to simulate creature motions and it took 8 mins per frame to obtain that result which i guess is really high time.

    Any ways thanks for the reply.Hope to see your monster coming out in end of this year to sustain Massive Destruction.

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    Hi Michael,

    On issue 1, we can look into that. If it's not too difficult, we can have it in a maintenance release before the big one later in the year.
    On issue 2, as long as Autodesk doesn't change the API like they did in Maya 2013.5, there shouldn't be any issue.


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    Yes, that is quite a bit of time. We can do that kind of motion in real-time and put it into a game

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