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Thread: Tet Limit despite license

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    Tet Limit despite license

    Installed my new dmm license and it all went fine.

    DMM Help -> DMM License states: You are currently using the full version of the DMM Plugin for Maya...

    When I create an object with more than 2500 tets I still get the DMM tel Limit message though asking me to purchase a license.

    Any ideas please?

    I'm using Maya 2014 and Windows 7.
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    Here is a screenshot.
    The plugin version is for Maya 2014.

    I tried:
    - rebooting
    - uninstalled older Maya versions
    - reinstalling DMM
    - using it in a fresh scene

    DMM Tet Limit still keeps popping up.

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    Try doing the following:

    Unset the license by typing this in the MEL command window:

    optionVar -rm dmmLicenseKey;

    Then set the license string either with the command in the DMM Help Menu or by entering it manually like so:

    optionVar -sv "dmmLicenseKey" "<license string you got from us>"

    That should fix it.

    If not, please email to



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