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Thread: Gumball machine - Suggestions to improve this shot

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    Cool I need relevant suggestion

    Quote Originally Posted by vik View Post
    Is there some reason you are changing the space scale? It's generally best to leave that alone.

    Yes Mr .Vik.

    If I have to realistically break a glass ball of radius 10 cm and that ball is also less than one K.G then what settings do I needs to do .I have checked that the formula Density = Mass/Volume will work best if we work in actual unit scale.

    If I take the same ball and use space scale as 1 it takes 10 seconds to hit the base plane.

    If I take the same ball with space scale to .1 it takes almost 2 seconds to hit plane.

    If I take same ball with .01 space scale it just instantly drops in less then a second so why should not I need to have a space scale of .01 if I wish to do it .

    And lets leave everything just for the sake of knowledge or say trouble shooting or research i needs to know each and every method and possibility.

    Since I am putting a serious study I needs to know Sir with all due respect to you the relevant answer.

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    thanks vik in advance looking to hear from you.

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    Well friend I have come with an approach to you.To match the unit system of scene you can increase the gravity.

    The gravity mentioned here is 9.8m/sec 2 ok try it at 98 and see some changes.That means yours every one cm represent 10 meters of dmm physics.

    I dont know its a just a quick change i was doing since working in .01 scale is not turning a good option to me .

    pls ask some other experience fellas also.
    Quote Originally Posted by sleepingbeagle View Post
    My first attempt at a DMM simulation in Maya 2013, inspired by the Gumball gorge scene in Wreck-it-Ralph. I would sincerely appreciate any tips to improve this shot to make it demoreel worthy. I added a Youngs damp of 1500 to the gumballs and this improved their movement; but I still have a few inter-penetrations, floaters and a couple of odd gumball pops to fix.

    Simulation time : A little less than an hour for 200 frames
    Substeps : 16 (Could this be higher?)

    Materials used:
    Gumballs - ub_rubber (Added Youngs damp of 1500, zero toughness and no plastic deformation)
    Glass shell - Weak_crystal
    Lid - ub_diamond (lowered density to 1000)


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    Hello Mr.Vik,

    Do u reply me for the question of using Space-scale .01 in Dmm simulations?

    The way out I found this to increase the gravity to 980 or 98 by doing this i can increase the falling speed of tets, at least tell me this new way out is good or not?

    Pls let me know I need to work for my research project on DMM

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    You can always speed up playback or slow it down for dramatic effect. You can change the frame rate in Maya->Preferences->Settings->Time.

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