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Thread: simulation with maya fields

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    simulation with maya fields

    Hi I am destroying a wooden house using dmm and having problems with the dmm shapes/tets stretching. Its almost as if they're exploding across my scene and then falling out of the simulation. Does anyone know how to prevent this?
    many thanks.

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    This is a serious issue with using fields and DMM i believe it is caused because the tet meshes are affected throughout by the field not just on the surface and a big enough difference occurs that causes stretching(blowups).

    some guidelines are
    use passive colliders when you can to create the movement.
    If you need to use a field do not try to break (fracture) your tets using a field, only use a field when you have a decent amount of fracture in place already.

    you can also, if you only have a few, after Alembic cache or geo cache keyframe the offending tet out of camera view or into a zero state scale

    good luck

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