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Thread: Maya 2013 DMM plug-in installation error

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    Maya 2013 DMM plug-in installation error

    Hello Vik,

    I have subscription (Bronze) for Maya 2013. I tried to install downloaded DMM plug in from Autodesk's Website. I get the following error just as I double click installation file:

    "Digital Molecular Matter requires that Autodesk Maya 2013 be installed on your system prior to installation"

    I have active and working license. Because it is Bronze subscription, Autodesk does not provide technical support. I know that others have reported the same problem. is there anything you can suggest? Thanks. Alkesh.

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    Hello TheAlkesh,

    Probably you have installed the Maya 2013 Extension 2 (Maya 2013.5)? When I upgraded from Maya 2013 to 2013.5 I had the same problem and I read in the AREA forum that the DMM plugin is not supported by Maya 2013.5. So I had to reinstall 2013 again. As far as I know there is no other way right now.

    I hope to have been helpful to you.


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    Hi Marco. Sorry for not acknowledging your help sooner. Yes.. that was the issue. Now that we have at least 2014 version, everything is fine. Awaiting 2015 version now!



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