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Thread: Problems with MERGING and EXPORTING caches, as well as batch render...

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    Unhappy Problems with MERGING and EXPORTING caches, as well as batch render...

    I have 2 DMM_Scene nodes and want to make backup of them. Unfortunately, the export fails on the first cache file with the following error.

    DMM: Saving animation for more than one DMM Scene node
    DMM: Starting to save animation...
    // animsave command executed
    // Error: DMM: object count mismatch: cache says 14, but attributes say 9 //
    // Error: DMM: Animation saving failed, see Script Editor for details //

    where can I see these "attributes", and how can I fix this???

    2) Can I merge my 2 caches into 1? If I merge both DMM Scene nodes, it keeps only 1 of the cache files and this defeats the entire purpose of having 2 caches initially ( this means that I have to resim, but I dont want the 2 DMM objects to interact with each other...)

    3) rendering single frames works great, BUT batch rendering doesnt. I read about how other people resolved this issue by renaming the cache file to be same as scene file. (Thats why I want to merge my 2 existing caches, BUT since this is not working...).
    Also I did try rendering from the command prompt, so the the scene file doesnt get the autosave batchrename and still same problem...

    Edit: It seems, entering custom cache paths are breaking the scene, if I just check the tick - everything (except the shader of the inner faces) is fine in the batch render...
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    cant you just copy paste the existing cache files and rename them? then attach later if you need to?

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    Im just leaving the caches with default paths from now on, its working fine and there are no further problems with batch mode. I was copy-pasting caches initially, as u suggested (forcing maya to quit, to release the cache), but since I saw the export option, I kinda liked it more (sad thing, that its not working always).

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    Geometry cacheing DMM

    if your using maya 2012 and dont have Alembic export options like in 2013 you can use mayas geometry cache to cache out DMM meshes.

    1) expose all interior faces in AE under DmmObject Tab
    2) pick the Output surface mesh and export an obj at the final frame
    3) then native maya geometry cache your DMM cached scene
    4) import obj and attach geo cache and you will have a sim that will motion blur properly

    Then you can change your scene name to your hearts content.

    good luck

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    Thank you alot for this feedback! Its working like charm, Im just curious, how do u attach the textures after you get this cached obj?

    edit: I mean, I can copy the obj from the original scene, where the texture is attached, but after I connect the cache there seems to be some artifacts (blackened faces? Caused by wierd UVs maybe ) a pic ->
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    right sorry one of the drawbacks to this technique is that you need to do a normal -> set to face afterwards. I have never understood why but teh normals always get messed up with this approach

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    Nice, thank you very much!


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