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Thread: Tower Falling - need advice on Splinters

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    Question Tower Falling - need advice on Splinters

    Hi, Im playing in the last few days with this tower (trying actually to recreate the scene from Transformers 2 ;P) and Im stuck with the debris... It just doesnt look good enough and I feel that If I "model" the actual splinters (im using coblestone preset atm), it will look far better... but thats kind of "getting back" to standard RBD ...

    My next ideas are maybe to drop the splinters, increase the tet count and increase the toughness? So this way there will be more "chunky" pieces falling, and not just "single tets" or boring cubes? I'll be extremely glad for any creative suggestions regarding the workflow, cheers!

    edit: Also, I sometimes experience the "TOO MANY ZERO AREA FACES" error in the output after executing the attach splinters command. Is this caused by overlapping splinters? I feel this causes some "faces" of the DMM object to get deleted, making holes in the final mesh?
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    The thing i notice right away about your sim is that your tower is not a functional building. When you create things like they are in real life they look way better collapsing. Refer to the spaceship in an asteriod field breakdown on the home page here, IMHO one of the best articles for understanding mesh planning in DMM.

    apart from that the camera work is really nice, should be a cool sim when your done.


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