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Thread: DMM in Maya 2014

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    DMM in Maya 2014

    Sooo...Maya 2014 releases March 27th.
    Will we be seeing an updated DMM for 2014?
    Can we expect functionality upgrades?
    I am hopeing for a quicker release than the 2013 update and although the bug and performance tweaks, alembic support were nice... some upgrades to the functionality would be greatly appreciated.

    I invite all the members of this forum to add your requests for functionality.
    Mine would be
    1) the ability to effect material toughness the same way you create splinters
    2) tet grouping functionality

    I really hope your response to this update will be given the attention it deserves and will be released in a timely manner, The company I work for is sold on everything I can do with DMM but not so much on the company providing the plugin. I say this not to be a jerk but as a statement of fact, other solutions become more appealing when they are supported and there is a large user base, even if it isnt as impressive afterwards.
    Thanks and I look forward to hearing from the Pixelux team.

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    We are working on getting the current plugin built for Maya 2014.

    I will keep you updated on the progress.

    A couple of things:
    - The first revision will not have any of the features requested, but we will work on adding some of those things in a subsequent release.
    - There will be bugfixes to the toolchain.

    We do appreciate your suggestions.


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    PLs Mr.Vik make sure to all of us to get this plugin on time.I don't wants to re open the chapter of DMM 2013 schedules with maya after such a long wait but hopefully dont wants to see such things with DMM 2014.

    Appreciate yours Handwork in an attempt of making DMM a better future.

    Hope fully we must get some relief in Tet counts at least 10,000 tets.

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    I understand Mandark but hopefully just an ad-dons to the existing DMM 2013 will not bring any new glory to us.I appreciate the suggestions you made so far.

    splinters Work flow must be improved and cylindrical and spherical forms on splinters should be appreciated.

    Easy workflow to get around with Particles and Fluids,this way making things more faster.Dmm easy workflow with emit from object(DMM) particles and Fluids.
    Should support particles integrations also ,Suppose to break a vass with little particles strikeout .

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    Can some body pls reply me for my question.With all due respects and regards to whom so ever .

    I am preparing mindset for Dmm2014 for its purchases.Let me confirm at least with some hints or responses on the date of its arrival since its very imp to me.

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    Now awaiting DMM for Maya 2014. Patiently.

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    why is it taking such a long w8 of product release .Despite of no such big features and no major up gradations on the plugin .Pls development team have some mercy on poor users and teachers don't force a person to other applications which are differ from main stream software's. I love to work on dmm but the way it is provided to us from last release and UN-necessary long w8s with no replies make me sick..........

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    i agree

    The lack of official response to virtually all public threads about DMM makes it difficult to use DMM professionally for anything, also gives me the feeling like the software could get discontinued anytime. Probably you need to be a studio like MPC (Kali) to get the support.

    Also, how hard can it be to just link and compile a version with the new Maya 2014 SDK? Sincerely dont see the problem here.

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    Ok, please now, after I was told that the plugin for Maya 2014 will be out in the first week of August, I would like to have a definite answer: will there be a DMM plugin for Maya 2014? And if yes, when can we expect it to be really released? I can't understand that loyal users of the plugin are left alone without any information for months like this.

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    Well I agrees to you ,
    I must have to say release the Monster and provide more tet counts for free users.

    Only this is the request to Team pls pls release it Fast we are w8ng since 8 months .


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