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Thread: geometry disappearing when approximation node attached.

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    geometry disappearing when approximation node attached.

    So I've been trying to texture my cached dmm object and I've run into a bit of an issue. I have the separate shaders applied to the top and inner faces of my exploding ground. However when I apply a displacement map to the inner face shader and then apply a mental ray subdivision approximation node (to get more divisions on the geometry for detailed displacement) my geometry disappears in the render. Has anyone else had this happen? I've tried using the "displacement approximation" but it doesn't work either. Is there a work around for this? A way to up the resolution of my inner faces so that the detail of the displacement map comes through? My geometry is quite detailed but I need to get rid of the "flat" edges from the geometry so it looks a bit more interesting and so far I haven't been able to find a solution.


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    Question is have you done anything with the uvs created by DMM? Even tho they happily accept a "procedural" type shader they are not in any way ready for displacement as they are chaotic and overlapping to the extreme.

    So if you havent Uvd the interior stuff you can do so after the fact although point order may be an issue...One work around for this is to make an Obj file at the end of your simulation unwrap this and use it as a transfer attributes master for uvs on your cached sim geo...although this may also be an issue with changing point counts.

    Removing the "tet" look of interior faces is a key issue when trying for realistic DMM workflows.
    good luck

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    ahh yes, thank you very much! Finally got the displacement to work using the method you described, but man oh man... the edges where the top faces and interior ones meet... sharp as a razor. It's really taking away from the realism.

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    glad that worked for you So there is no swimming of displacement afterwards? did you use the master OBJ to att transfer?


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