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Thread: Elevated Highway collapse

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    Elevated Highway collapse

    Hello DMM users!

    Here is the first blocking stage of my elevated highway collapse, which was created in Maya using DMM. This is only a playblast and still needs more work. Feedback would greatly be appreciated. Throughout this post I will be updating my latest revisions.


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    Very Nice Mike!

    You should also try adding some rebar objects in the this animation. That will add some realism to the way the collapse happens. Adding rebar will slow down simulation a bit, but it can add a very nice secondary dynamic. Just make sure glue all is turned on in the Default DMM Scene Settings and create a poly bar object made of plastically deformable metal. You can allow it to break if you wish. Put the metal inside the stone object and simulate. Depending on the forces, the bar may get ripped apart or stay inside the stone. You can adjust the strength of the bar as well. If you really want to have fun. prestress the bar and make it a little complex from a tet standpoint (yet only like a bar from a visual standpoint). Then you can influence the stone with greater effect.

    I recall doing a tutorial on CGISociety about this. I'll see if I can find the files and post them for you.


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    Thanks for the feedback Vik. I tried looking for the tutorial, but had no luck. If you find it please post it. I will try to work on some test to see if I can get that result, so I can apply it to the bridge. I look forward sharing with you all.

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    awesome - i like it very much.
    love to see some more like this.

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