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Thread: Maya DMM to Realflow

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    Maya DMM to Realflow


    is there a workflow that I can use to get my animated simulation into Realflow?

    I would like to have a bottle smash and it's contents spill, the bottle smash bit is no problem but I'd like to use RF for the liquid sim and I can't work out how to get my DMM object into it.

    I see that there are videos on youtube and vimeo that demonstrate this so it must be possible.

    Anyone out there able to help?



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    Its a pain in the rear workflow but I did it myself with my milk sim...
    there's a tool somewhere on this forum that will let you select the pieces and they will copy them into animated geometry that you can then take into realflow.
    Its a bit tedious but the payoff is great.
    Otherwise, you'd have to copy the output mesh, and then let realflow do all of the dynamics...

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    Thanks frescalus,

    I was trying to bake the simulation which is just a daft idea really and have since discovered a working methodology, to remove DMM from the equation after simulation, and it works a treat.

    - Select output mesh
    - Export as .obj
    - Create geoCache from output mesh
    - Open new scene and import .obj
    - Apply geoCache
    - Export as .sd

    Happy days,


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    ok that works too lol I'll try that next time....thanks mat

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