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Thread: attaching DMM sims to existing rigid simulations

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    attaching DMM sims to existing rigid simulations

    I was watching the MPC siggraph talk on Sucker Punch and Kali. At one point they say that the large pagoda roof collapse was a simple rigid sim that then drove a DMM simulation on top afterward. Is this something that the plugin in Maya is capable of or has MPC scripted this solution?

    If it is possible could someone kindly explain the workflow or attach a simple scene. Thanks

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    MPC used a rigid sim to get the rough movements down and then used the rigid elements to drive the DMM sim. You can certainly do something similar in the plugin, the guys at Prime Focus did something similar on the Queen's Cottage destruction shot in "Mirror, Mirror" in that they created a rigid body rig to drive the forces on the DMM mesh. You might try asking Adam Gritt at Prime Focus about how they did that. I suspect that they created a set of driven DMM verts that were linked to a rigid body rig for the rough movement, with the DMM providing the secondary movement.


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    thanks for the lead and response. Any chance you could upload a simple example? This seems like it would be a powerful way to do large scale, art directable destruction effects.

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    I contacted Adam and he was very generous in his explanation of how he achieved the mirror mirror collapse. He did not however use this technique of driving a DMM simulation with a lower rez rigid sim, instead he used an internal substructure to give some measure of solidity to an otherwise collapse under its own weight simulation, that he then liberally spread passive regions throughout and animated them when he wanted the collapse to happen. Great workflow and taught me a few things. Thanks Adam ...So my question still remains would it be possible to have a simple scene demonstrating this technique made and posted by Admin?
    I have played around with glue regions on DMM passive pulling actives along with it but it is clunky and doesnt behave well.

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    I have a contract position at MPC now and im working on Kali and I now know how they did the rigid sim using Kali. However it is a proprietary solution so im still at a loss as to how to do it just using mayas vanilla DMM.

    Admin care to explain a workflow for this to us?

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    When you say watch, is there a video link available? TIA

    Quote Originally Posted by mandark1011 View Post
    I was watching the MPC siggraph talk on Sucker Punch and Kali.

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    Yes it was available through Pixelux for download... through the archives. Vik was kind enough to link it to me...perhaps he will do it again for you all. Interesting video but now that I have worked with Kali i recognize that most of the functionality they discuss is through their middleware library and isnt available or would be difficult in Vanilla DMM.


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