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Thread: Duplicate DMM object into a different DMM scene node

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    Duplicate DMM object into a different DMM scene node

    Hi, I just had a question about DMM Scene nodes. I have a pretty heavy scene where I would like to break up the simulation and cache each section in a different DMM Scene, however I would need each section to be affected by a particular DMM object. Is it possible to duplicate a DMM object from one DMM scene to another? or would it be possible to cache out a DMM object, and then have it affect the active DMM objects in each scene node like a passive collider? I hope that makes sense.... basically I have a wrecking ball destroying a house, but the simulation crashes if I try to simulate all parts of the house together, so I would like to break up the simulation into different sections, each one in a different scene node, but have the wrecking ball affect each of the sections of the sim. The wrecking ball mechanism is made up of quite a few different DMM objects, with several connected glue regions and passive regions, so Iím worried if I have to recreate it several times in each DMM scene node then it may simulate differently- and of course it would need to be the same each time for this to work.

    Hope that makes sense

    Thanks a lot,

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    hmmm....maybe I'll just simulate the wrecking ball hitting the main part of the house and then animate some proxy geo to match the sim. I can then duplicate the proxy geo for each scene node and convert them into DMM passive objects. yeah cool, thanks

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    okay, in case anyone is interested, the best way I found to do this was as follows; I simulated the wrecking ball and made a cache. I then duplicated this DMM object and disassembled it so i had a duplicate of the original wrecking ball geometry. I then selected the DMM wrecking ball object and pressed f10 and selected two edges on the surface and made a rivet. I could then parent constrain the duplicated geometry to that rivet and bake out the translate/rotate channels, which gave me the simulated movement of the wrecking ball baked on to standard geometry...which i can now use in other DMM scene nodes as a passive object.

    This may well not be the easiest way to do this, but I've only just started using DMM and this is the first project I've done, so if there is a better way then please let me know

    If you are interested, here is a video of the latest test:

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    good work around Harry these tricks are invaluable.. thanks

    good looking sim too especially like the rigging for the ball.
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    thanks a lot
    haha yeah I had a few funny sims at the start, where the mechanism holding the ball would brake apart and send the ball flying

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