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Thread: DMM scale issue MAYA 2012

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    Exclamation DMM scale issue MAYA 2012

    okay i urgently need to find out why when i scale my object past 7 on x,y,z why does the object break apart when a passive dmm object collides with it when all i want is for the dmm object to go flying (not break into pieces)

    im using a cage around my dmm object and the cage is not intersecting any other geometry. im pretty sure its coz i scaled it so high. coz when its still 1,1,1 it simulates fine and doesnt break apart.

    whats the problem here? and how can i fix it?

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    try changing your toughness value to 0.

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    you sir are a gentleman and a scholar! seems to have worked thanks alot!
    will post a reply in this thread if any other issues come up! so be on standby lol


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    how can i make my DMM simulation faster? im doing an explosion on a wall and the bricks take over 3 seconds to fall. whats up with that???

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    You likely have a lot of contact happening. In our API version, we have ways to alter time stepping during ballistic movement where things aren't touching, but if you have a bunch of DMM objects touching other DMM objects, there is no easy solution asides from perhaps running that part of the sim at a lower time step and the parts that you want to have lots of detail on at a higher time step.

    Also, you didn't mention how many tets you are simulating. If you have 30,000 I could see it running slow with massive contact.


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