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Thread: DMM 1.1.7 and maya 2012

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    DMM 1.1.7 and maya 2012

    Not to ask a stupid question, but the readme file in 1.1.7 says only up to 2011 however the website says up to 2012...

    am I missing something? How do I get the latest version installed for Maya 2012?

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    51 views, over a week later and no reply? Someone has to know something.

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    the version that ships in 2012 IS the newest build.

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    Must have missed that. Sorry.

    The read me file is wrong. It works up to 2012.


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    when I go to install it, it won't install it for 2012
    A pop up box titled DMM Plugin for Maya v1.1.7 Setup says:

    Neither Maya 8.5 SP1, Maya 2008, Maya 2009, Maya 2010 nor Maya 2011 was found.

    The version I have for Maya 2012 SP2 shows:

    DMM Plugin for Maya
    Scripts: 94
    MLL: 1.1.10
    DMM library: cinematic
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    Build for Maya 2012

    So to clarify:

    1) There is a version of the DMM plugin that is included with maya 2012. That version should read that the library is 1.1.10

    2) The version that you can download from our site is 1.1.7 and it is ONLY for versions of Maya before Maya 2012 (8.5 SP1, and 2008-2011).

    3) If you purchase a license from our store, you can update your Maya 2012 version to an unlimited number of tetrahedrons for simulation. The version will remain 1.1.10

    4) For Maya 2012 and later, all the updates for the plugin will be available from Autodesk's Maya update site. We may mirror those updates, but for now, you should go to the Autodesk site for updates. That is here:

    Hopefully, this will clear up any confusion. I have also added some text to the DMM Plugin page on our site clarifying that the downloadable versions are not for Maya 2012.


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    ok now that is clear
    youre previous statement stating works up to 2012 was a little confusing

    thank you


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