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Thread: Splinter Cage issue when simulating

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    Splinter Cage issue when simulating


    if I may chime in on an issue I think I may have found. I tried looking to see if this has been reported or not..

    when I apply the splinter cage to the mesh, the simulation is not right. The the pieces of the object will go through the the floor which is another dmm object and also a few pieces are seen spinning together as if there is a newton field applied...

    I can post videos if necessary, I just thought I could report this and hopefully get it fixed. This happens regardless of how many substeps I apply. if I don't use a splinter cage at all, everything is fine

    If anyone knows a work around, please let me know

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    Which version of the plugin are you using? There is an issue with plasticity where ghost forces can cause undue movement, but that is mainly on the Windows version. You can usually adjust this by either increasing density or friction, or lowering plasticity. We have a fix that was applied to the Linux version, and will be added to the other versions in an update.


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    looks like version 1.1.10
    MLL: 1.1.10 is what it says in the about.

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    This is the correct behavior. Splinters are not collision geometry and as such are not detected or acted upon. They are meant only to act as a graphical detail for breaking faces. To have super-high detail wood with fracturing/collidable splinters, you generally just need to increase the tet count and stretch the tet mesh to enforce anisotropic strength of the material.

    In a future update, we may add the ability to make splinters collidable.



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