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Thread: DMM Baker (plugin)

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    DMM Baker (plugin)

    I'm currently writing a python script for DMM users. It already allows to
    duplicate a mesh controled by DMM with Geometry cache, and then, to manually
    bake each shattered pieces one by one. The piece is duplicated and all its
    movement is no more keyed into components but into its global transformation.
    So the shattered part can be selected separately from the whole mesh, re-animated,
    re-shattered, re-modeled, assigned with new shaders and so one...

    I will try to automate the process of baking all the shattered parts and I
    have some ideas for soft objects. There must be also some bugs, it is an early
    version for testing purpose.

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    Here is a step by step to use the script :

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    Thanks for posting that. I'm sure our users will find it very helpful.


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    Thanks for posting, but I do have one minor gripe as far as installation and finding the directory where the script is stored.

    I got very annoyed installing this and trying to get it to work, I had to create a scripts directory through my project settings where I didn't have one instead of it working from my installation folder (where I don't prefer to install custom scripts) or my documents/maya/scripts folder.

    after I managed to get it working and then shifting the files where I actually want them, it worked after that.

    is there a way you can just make the default directory to the my documents maya script folder? This would make it much easier on everyone installing it into one global location. Thats what that directory is for in the first place when its installed. I don't mean to be a nag But for people like me that had a hard time installing this, it would make sense.

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    tnx Arthur.
    Very good tool.


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