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Thread: The best & worst part of Digital Molecular Matter?

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    The best & worst part of Digital Molecular Matter?

    I did not find a general forum so I thought posting this question here to all DMM users.


    My favorite part about using DMM is the ability to use Splinter Cages to get any shapes you wish and imagine. Apart from that the Density & Passive regions, life is so easy with them. Love these options Pixelux has added.

    I did not find any worse part in DMM. However I wish there was option added (or may be they are there and I didn't find out). Anyways:-

    As soon as you hit the "disassemble dmm" button on the shelf the shattered chunks disappear . It would be wonderful if we could keep it. This brings me to another option I wish it had, is an INITIAL STATE BUTTON or something, so the shattered debris stays like that instead of assuming its original solid state as soon as you hit the 'go to start frame' button in Maya.

    Other than that, its so much fun to use DMM.

    Now the reason I posted this is to know what DMM users like, so obviously there will be so many options that others won't know and will try it out once its posted here.
    Like those of you who don't know what is Splinter cages >>density region>>passive region, should really give it shot. Its simple to understand through the help docs.

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    You can save the shattered chunks as separate objects if you wish. Look at this thread:

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