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Thread: Convert dmm objet to multiple meshes

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    Convert dmm objet to multiple meshes

    Hi everyone,
    I'm trying to use dmm like maya's shatter effect. I have to break a glass but I just want the shattered meshes into polygons so I can export it to Realflow to simulate fluids and rigid bodies. I don't know how to convert dmm object to separated polymeshes. Can someone help me ?

    (excuse my english)

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    You can do this easily. In fact, DMM is often used to do environmental art by creating pristine environments, simulating them to add destruction, and then exporting the resulting meshes.

    To do this, first:
    1) Turn your mesh into a DMM object.
    2) Simulate the mesh to break it.
    3) Select the broken surface mesh by using the "Edit DMM" menu. Pick Edit DMM->Select DMM Component->Output Surface Mesh
    4) Use the File->Export Selection and save the selected mesh. I recommend you use the included OBJExport plugin in Maya to save the mesh as an Object file
    5) Load the Object file as your poly mesh in your new scene.

    Please post if this works for you.


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    It works, thanks ! But when I separate the imported mesh, the interior parts are not extruded. I get a surface shatter. How can I do to get a solid shatter ?

    Screen Shot 2012-01-30 at 11.04.32.jpg

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    It could be that the faces are doubled up in the mesh during your export and the edges are collocated. You should check to see if the other faces are still in the other mesh.

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    The reason you are getting a surface shatter is because you have not enabled Show Inner Faces on the DMM object in AE. If you do that it works as expected. this is a solid technique for shattering.... good idea!

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    Hi Gegey,

    The post before yours by the administrator explains this pretty well. Is there something different than that you want to do?


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    I believe I understand what he's trying to do.

    He needs the objects animated as well. In the pipeline, we're shattering and animating the break first and then export this as a .sd file so it will be much easier to sim the fluid in realflow. .sd files is the entire animated scene and if we try to export this without turning them into actual animated geometry, the simulation doesn't export with the object.

    does that make sense?

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