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Thread: where is the input surface mesh??

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    Question where is the input surface mesh??

    i am looking for the input surface mesh so i can change the texture. i can select it and change the base material, but i cant find the actual object to select a face and add an interior material for my breakable object. i select it and zoom to the object but there is nothing there. how do i find the input surface mesh? is it normal that its invisible?

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    the toggle to view this is located in your DMM asset manager i believe.

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    yeah i know about that, even when i toggle that there is nothing there. any ideas?

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    You might try selecting the input surface mesh from the Maya outliner. That is an alternative to using the DMM object manager.

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    there was something wrong with the object i had made. i made a new one and the input mesh is there.

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    That's good to hear.

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