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Thread: Splinter Image file does not work properly with my Autocage DMM

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    Splinter Image file does not work properly with my Autocage DMM

    Maya 2012, Windows 7, 64bit

    I am very new to Maya and DMM and I have had a hard time fixing an issue. Possibly a bug?
    The Scene:
    I have a passive ground plane.
    I made a low poly bench which is an "active" DMM Auto cage.
    I put a passive (green) cage around the low poly bench to animate the passive cage over time.
    I made minor changes to the DMM Wood material which I believe should not be the problem.
    I then added the "wood" Splinter Image onto the Bench (the proper way).
    When I render the first frame where the passive cage is still around the bench, I notice cracks already on the bench. So I un-marry the Splinter Image from the bench and delete the Splinter Image. The bench is still at DMM auto cage with its shards intact. I render that first frame out and no "cracks" are shown. This render happens to have one crack with the Splinter Image. When I tried other times, there were at least 4 to 5 cracks on it. All these renders are done with the passive cage around the bench.
    I have no clue how to fix that problem. Can anyone help please?
    Thank you so much!


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    That is where the splinter cage geometry is intersecting with itself. Try separating the cages slightly.


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    Thank you for your response and advice. That does not work for me still. Here below I made a simple Poly cube, turned it to DMM autocage added the Wood Splinter Image (which was also cube not rectangular), combined both to make it the Wooden image version, rendered it out and I still have cracks. In this case 3 of them.

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    does the same thing happen with other splinter images maybe its a flaw in the wood one?

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    Well I tried it with the 1st glass splinter image and no problem. Thank you for that. Now what is your suggestion as far as being able to do a wooden splinter? Make one? Thanks again SO much!

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    unfortunately yes that is my suggestion. I had some luck making a vector image that i brought into maya from illustrator as curves then loft and combine afterwards. Its a bit of work but maybe the up side is that you will get to tailor it and itll look better? lol good luck

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    Wow, okay... That's quite a few steps but necessary to make it look good. I just tried a glass Splinter Image on my bench and that came up messy and cracked too. Thanks so much!

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    are you saying your getting the same issues on your model with the glass image that you got from applying the wood splinter? I wonder if you add density there if that would help.

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    Hey mandark1011, Yes I am getting the same issues on my model with glass image too. I will check about adding density to see if it makes changes for the better. You have been such a huge help!

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    One question, in your prior bench image, it seemed that part of your object was protruding outside the cage. That may cause an issue. Make sure the cage is completely enclosing your original geometry.


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