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Thread: Stopping DMM Rigid-bodies

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    Stopping DMM Rigid-bodies

    Other than keying the passive "dmm passive" on/ there any way I can stop the DMM shattered rigid bodies from simulating further?

    If there is something like "conserve," option in Maya particles to make it loose its energy?

    In DMM Material Editor I tried playing with Youngs damping, I set it all the way up but after the shattered mesh falls on the ground it still keeps vibrating. I tried pinning it down with Maya's Gravity field, still the same results, they keep moving.
    If there is any way I can stop forces acting on it after a a few frames sim.

    MY second question is - HOW TO SET INITIAL STATE IN DMM?!
    Any help is really appreciated

    Its easy to use and KICK ass SIMULATIONS.
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    hello, anybody out there?

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    Hi Govindk,

    Sorry for the delayed response. Lots going on!

    We are glad you are having fun with the plugin. It is neat once you understand the workflow.

    As for your question, there are a couple of ways:
    1) Go to the DMM scene setting and key simulation off for a scene. I believe you can have multiple scenes simultaneously.
    2) Keying passive regions is really the best way to go.
    3) Keying material properties can result in interesting results. Changing mass while an object is in flight won't do anything to its velocity. You could create an invisible DMM wall that is jelly-like that would absorb the energy and stop the objects.
    4) Setting initial state in DMM? If I understand this correctly, what you really want to do is kinematically key an object. That can be done. See the tutorials we have posted on keying DMM objects.

    More elaborate manipulations of objects would require API access, that is not available in the plugin, but we do offer it as a separate product.


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    Thnx a mill, for replying Admin. And I understand.

    I though about keying a passive region. But the idea seemed little weird to me, so didn't try.
    The scene is like this :- "I HAVE TWO CHARACTERS FALL INTO A HOUSE THROUGH A TILED ROOF." So I want the debris of the roof to stop bouncing & vibrating on the ground after certain frames. They seem to posses unlimited energy. That's what I asked if there is anything like "conserve energy," option like Maya Particles has to suck its energy out, so it will stop moving.

    Now why the idea sounded weird to me was because I will be animating a passive region (cube) to slide over the debris lying on the ground, WILL THE DEBRIS CHUNK OF THE ROOF CUBE STOP MOVING? Well I will give it a shot anyways.

    And Admin, I didn't want to affect object in velocity but after they hit a ground I wanted it to stop.

    And out of curiosity, wouldn't it be much easier if there was a INITIAL STATE option like Maya's in-built Dynamics have?

    Nonetheless, its an amazing plug-in to get for free in 2012.

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    I had some luck creating a passive that barely envelopes the ground plane. The chunks still bounced but lost that jitter once they should settle..and to make sure when the sim was at rest i animated it up to envelope it all.

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    I did not try that...but will certainly do it.

    @ BTW at Admin - I am not able to key sim off in Scene Node.... only animate in shape Node of a DMM object like given in the help docs.

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    I tried downloadin about scene node here ( )
    But the downloads don't work. Its stops after 977 KB, in all my browsers.

    Also Admin, you talked 'bout "kinematically keying an object", for initial state, I did not find any TUT on that.

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    Stopping DMM Rigid-Bodies

    Increasing friction might help. The pieces are bouncing because they are likely sliding on the roof and the system is not freezing them. Freezing is done automatically when object movement is below a certain threshold.

    Kinematic keying is in the tutorials. I posted all of them for you here: A new one you can watch one about this specific topic is here:

    You can also watch Wayne's tutorials here: - They are more detailed and do use keying for projectile movement.


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    "Freezing is done automatically when object movement is below a certain threshold."

    That I did not know. Will surely try that.
    Thnx for new tutorial link admin.

    By the way, I did watch all of Wayne's tutorials..he doesn't key any DMM material property other than keying a locator and point constraining it to a passive DMM

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