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Thread: How to keyframe DmmPassive ??

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    Angry How to keyframe DmmPassive ??

    I have been trying to make an object passive, and later keyframe the check box that you tick to make it non-passive again, but I canīt find a way to do it and there is no tutorial about this, anywhere. Iīm considering to buy the plugin, but without much documentation on how to use it properly, seems like a risky move. Any ideas ??

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    Can somebody in support help me ? thanks...

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    Hi Leo,

    You should watch the tutorials I posted by Wayne Hollingsworth. He shows how to do all that.


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    Thanks. where can I find them ?

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    I checked the tutorials, but they are for maya. I use 3ds Max 2011.

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    Hi Leo,

    I'll see what I can find out for you. Sorry for the delay, we have been really busy.


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