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Thread: Thinking of buying DMM!

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    Talking Thinking of buying DMM!

    Ok guys, i want to be very carefull before investing in any plugins as im not a RIchie RIch .
    My friend works in MPC and he told me that they use DMM for destruction related stuffs. So i was curious, whats the learning curve to learn this awesome software to be a decent user.

    I was confused between Rayfire and DMM, but since im a maya user i wanna stick wit DMM.

    Lastly, can it create the destruction scene in the following video(not the dust and fire but just the shattering of the pillar) without scripting( which i suck at) D:

    Please skip to 16 secs

    If yes im totally buying it the sooner i get a reply.

    DMM FTW!

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    Hi Abojung,

    DMM can do the shot you indicated and much much more. The learning curve and use is quite simple. You create a model and then a finite element mesh around it. Deformation and fracture are automatic and tessellation to specify the degree of fracture is automatically adjustable.

    MPC has already done far more impressive shots than the stuff you pointed to. Their work on the X-Men Yacht and Sucker Punch Samurai segment was the best destruction work ever done with computer graphics (this is by the admission of people in the VFX industry - not just me )

    If you have Maya 2012 or even an earlier version, I encourage you to play around with DMM for free. I think you will find the instructions and results more than enough to get started with.

    While not specifically related to the Max version, I would also suggest you look at Wayne Hollingsworth's Maya instructional videos on the Autodesk Area site. That should give you an idea of what DMM can do quickly.


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