I think something like a "cannon/catapult"-feature that allows to set something like ie muzzle velocity and "distance-fired- from" to fire off a projectile from any given point in the scene would be nice to have here.

The thing on my mind is, how to efficiently go about simulating ie a 9gr armor-pierceing bullet being fired at say a muzzle velocity of 900m/s from a distance of 50m and incorporate the drill-like spin without having to cover insane distances for just a few frames when animating an object as an explosively-propelled projectile? As I understand it so far and following Vik's keying tut, I am calculating the meters per frame to get the appropriate speed/force, but that does not seem to work very well. I have to go rather far outside of the scene to key a huge distance for just a few frames and increase the bullet's volume and weight significantly from its real-world counterparts to get anything like the desired effect, even with Sub Steps at 258 and above.