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Thread: Batch Render Bug in Maya 2012 Hotfix 2 Mac OS X

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    Batch Render Bug in Maya 2012 Hotfix 2 Mac OS X

    I just got the full version and on my first test it was rendering fine (mental ray) on the render view as I set it up and then I did a batch specifying a different name for the output (different from the scene name) and the batch came out fine except for one particular object that apparently had all the normals reversed... I read a little here in the forums and tried one of the workarounds: letting the ouput have the default name and then it came out fine... But yes if this applies to say when you're rendering passes, then it must be ironed out ASAP since most of us render passes and then composite... Haven't done that yet, but has anyone reproduced the same bug? Rendering passes?
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    The issue with the filename has to do with how Maya refers to the cache. For motion blur, the renderers refer to sub frames (the frame in between 1 and 2) for geometry. As a result, we have to interpolate geometry positions in the DMM cache to allow this to happen properly. Not sure why the object had all the normals reversed. If you send us a test scene at we will take a look at it.

    Also, I believe you can attach and send a private message to me within the forum with the scene.


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