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Thread: demo installation and question

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    demo installation and question

    So, I downloaded the demo and when I try and activate it i get the "Failed to retreive license... failed to connect to server..." error. I can't turn off my fire wall because of company policy. Is there any other way to get a trial license?

    Also, do you need a license to play back cached simulations for farm rendering?


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    Re: demo installation and question

    Hi Karl,

    That is unfortunate. However, if you email us your machine ID, we can generate a temp license and send it to you via email to install. email to

    If your farm is running Maya 2012, you can play back cached simulations and render them as DMM is included with Maya 2012 now. If you are running prior versions of DMM, you will need the "DMM Plugin for Maya Render Farm" product which is $40.

    If you don't do any fracture, you can actually export the simulated geometry through the Maya geometry cache, but if any fracture happens, you have to use the DMM Render farm playback product to display inner faces of broken geometry.


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