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Thread: Please stop with all the medication spam!

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    Please stop with all the medication spam!

    It's so annoying! I see someone posted, and I think it's a new suggestion, but NOOOOO, it's stupid spam about "babies addicted to crap", or "rising medication crap" crap. PLEASE DON'T POST SPAM!!!

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    Re: Please stop with all the medication spam!

    Hi Firespike,

    Terribly sorry about that. I check the forums twice a day and eliminate these. Apparently, the spambots have figured out how to get past the authentication. I think the best solution may be to switch to a more rigorous form of authentication or have a human always add people.


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    Fire you asking like these people are actually decent and will quit doing it..they enjoy the fact that the forum is unable to stop the above posted advice ignore it and hopefully they just go away at some point.

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