I thought I would take the time to explain what DMM Touch is as well as our goals for it.

Ever since we first got DMM running, we have known 2 things that people love about it:

1) The incredible degree of realism when you bend and break things in real-time.
2) Changing material properties is a lot of fun.

DMM Touch is a way for us to enable everyone to enjoy these two important facets of DMM Technology in a highly accessible and enjoyable way on a platform that is widespread and accessible - iPod/iPad/iPhone. An even more important thing is how well we have found multitouch works with DMM. Being able to stretch, bend and break objects simply by touching and dragging them is something that really can't be described, it has to be experienced.

We have also worked very hard to make DMM Touch fun in regards to creating and sharing. Being able to pick any picture from your picture library to be used as a background, a texturemap or a interior face texturemap allows you to personalize your creations in a very rapid way. Being able to pin parts of your objects as well as blow up bombs around them is another aspect of enabling creativity. I have created a hilarious video of our included alien hanging off a cliff in Yosemite by simply using my personal picture as a background and then shrinking the alien object, pinning his hand and turning off pin display. Grabbing the alien and watching him swing around the cliff while his arm stretches is a spontaneously created entertainment experience. Add to that the exploration of playing with material settings while you create these situations, and you will find that this app is really special.

Beyond playing and creating interesting situations, we have also added the ability to record what you do and save it as video that you can export to YouTube, Facebook or even just save for personal viewing. Pick a greenscreen background and you suddenly have a visual effects studio in the palm of your hand. Map a beachball texture onto the simple sphere and you have a beachball object you can drop into your home movie via iMovie! Do the same with the DMM Igloo and you can create a neat video of a kid sliding a sled and smashing into it. Do all sorts of wacky things with DMM Objects and drop them into your videos with control and manipulation that is difficult to do even with high end VFX tools (we know, we have to use them...on high end film effects projects)

We have a lot of other ideas in store for DMM Touch, and as time goes on, you will see some of these implemented in updates. We expect that a lot of you will also have ideas and suggestions for improving DMM Touch. I encourage you to post them here in our discussion forums.

With DMM Touch, you hold the efforts of our last 7 years of technological refinement in the palm of your hand. Millions of dollars have been spent to make DMM fast, reliable and usable and it has been used in the best selling Star Wars game of all time - Star Wars: The Force Unleashed" as well as the best selling movie of all time - James Cameron's "Avatar". Now you can use this same technology in ways nobody has ever thought of.

We can't wait to see what you do with it.