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Thread: idea|dmm sounds

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    idea|dmm sounds

    When I played the force unleashed for the first time I was very excited. I was very excited until I found that the sound of bending metal, shattering glass and etc. are the same. Why does it sound the same?

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    Re: idea|dmm sounds

    The sounds in TFU have "sweetners" added. DMM provides stress information that can be used to modify sound. It is actually necessary due to the degree of different kinds of ways things can break. You should watch the series on DMM sound on Vimeo. It has some interesting data on how they did the integration with their sound system. Link is here:


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    Re: idea|dmm sounds

    I am talking about the sound of the glass on TFU. The glass sounds almost the same when it explodes.

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    Re: idea|dmm sounds

    Its possible they didn't use the stress-based information for the glass. You can use the fracture and stress information with the DMM statistical interface to derive what kinds of sounds to make. Adding sweeteners or changing pitch or even using granular synthesis are all things that can make the sound closely tied to the physical simulation.

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