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Thread: Activation Issue - DMM/Max keeps crashing

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    Activation Issue - DMM/Max keeps crashing


    I am trying to get DMM plugin working on a fresh 3dsmax2010 64bit installation but I am having some trouble with the activation process or the plugin in general.

    Everytime I am starting DMM from the tools menue it tells me:
    "The DMM licencse could not be found or your demo license has expired. Would you like to launch the license utility?"
    After launching and requesting a 30 trail license the plugin tells me that there is a purchased licence already installed. *?*
    Then the DMM menue shows up and max crashes everytime after creating a DMM object out of polygon geometry.

    Any ideas?
    Best regards and thanks in advance

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    Re: Activation Issue - DMM/Max keeps crashing

    Hi Fele,

    Which version of the plug-in did you download? The latest one is 1-014 and is available from our main download page (as well as the support page). The prior versions would cause the problems you describe.


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    Re: Activation Issue - DMM/Max keeps crashing

    Hi dmmjedi,

    unfortunately I downloaded the latest relaease v1-014. :/

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    Re: Activation Issue - DMM/Max keeps crashing

    this is what happens everytime:

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    Re: Activation Issue - DMM/Max keeps crashing

    Hello Fele,

    it looks like you don't have admin rights on the machine you're using with DMM.

    You must be admin, so that the license file can be written to your disk. Please login as administrator and try again. Alternatively, you can give write privilege to the folder where the DMM plugin was installed, by default: C:\Program Files (x86)\Pixelux\DMM Plugin for Max

    In the subfolder "license", you should have a "license.dat" file. If this popup keeps showing when you select the DMM utility, then it means that a proper license could NOT be copied inside this file, and crashes are to be expected for anything that is DMM related.

    Hope this helps,

    Best regards,

    "To infinity and beyond!" - Buzz Lightyear

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