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Thread: DMM Spool

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    DMM Spool

    Somebody would be able to write it down how it is necessary to make it what there is on this video?:

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    Re: DMM Spool

    Hi Keszonmbr,

    The Spool animation was done in Maya. The basic elements are:

    1) A kinematically driven spool. This is a very simple DMM Object with enough tets so that the inner curved surface is relatively smooth and provides enough smoothness so that the rope doesn't jut out when it winds up.
    2) A rope object. This is basically a set of tets that are longer in one direction than the other. Doing this provides the rope with anisotropic physical properties (being less stretchy in one dimension than another). This is important when you adjust the physical properties of the rope in that you can make it flexible, yet not stretch a long way under its own weight.
    3) An invisible platform
    4) A renderable non-DMM ground.

    The animation begins with the rope attached to the spool, hanging down (it will appear to go beyond the renderable floor at this point). The DMM platform is positioned at the bottom end of the rope.
    As the animation proceeds, we raise the DMM platform so that the rope begins colliding with it and curling up in a random pattern (just as a real rope might do). The spool begins turning at this point, taking up the rope's slack as the platform rises. The platform continues to rise until it is at the exact same height as the renderable DMM non-DMM ground and stops. The slight jumping at the beginning of the animation is the rope's inertia causing it to continue moving after the platform stops.

    The overall elements of the animation are extremely simple, but you can see how simulation can make them behave in interesting, complex ways.

    Unfortunately, we don't have the assets for Max, but they should be easy enough to make. I'll see if I can get someone to spend some time creating assets for a Max version.


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    Re: DMM Spool

    Hi dmmjedi!

    Thank you very much how you answered.
    Unfortunately I did not use a lot Maya, but i'll try it.
    I would like to prepare the function of this machine in animation.
    The copper wire motion is horrible.
    I used a 3dsMax till now, but not much with a success.
    I tried on the Reactor already and other plugins,but one are really out of order.
    I am here now, shows that the motion of the wire not good, more consist of a piece:
    I saw the spool video on the Youtube, and from this I believed it that the it would be possible to do the motion of the wire with dmm plugin.
    It is possible to make it this motion with dmm?
    Would you be able to help?
    Sorry for my horrible english.

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    Re: DMM Spool


    I tried the Dmm plugin in Maya.
    This plugin is AMAZING, the cable/rope object motion is fascinating.
    I tried an spool animation, the rope motion is great, but how may be to fix the rope to the spool? I did not realise this.

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    Re: DMM Spool

    Glad to see it is working out for you!

    The best way to attach the cable to the spool is to use DMM Glue or to Weld the nodes. Glue is probably the easiest. Welding involves forcing one mesh to share nodes with another.

    Try changing the plasticity and young's modulus of the wire to make it more wirelike, if you want that as a goal.

    The video of the toroid transformer-winding machine should be possible to reproduce in animation with DMM.


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    Re: DMM Spool

    Hi Dmmjedi!

    Thank you how you answered.
    How I can modify the wire/cable plasticity and young's modulus?



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