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Thread: DMM with Irrlicht

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    DMM with Irrlicht


    I use the irrlicht engine and now I will try to break meshes with the great DMM engine. So my question is where can I get the installation to use it with irrlicht and is it free to use with irrlicht or only free wir maya and 3ds max for 30 days?
    Hope there is an non-comercial free version for irrlicht.

    thx carsti

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    Re: DMM with Irrlicht

    Hello Carsti,

    We can provide you with DMM for irrlicht today if you are a development studio. We do not generally send out the evaluation package or license the full system to individuals (though there are exceptions).

    The DMM2 release later this year will be available to everyone, and I recommend you try that out when it hits beta in a few months.


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    Re: DMM with Irrlicht

    Hi Dmmjedi,

    so DMM2 will be free for everone? Thats sounds greate

    Thx Carsti


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