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Thread: Should I just learn to use Maya?

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    Should I just learn to use Maya?

    I have been playin around with your DMM Plugin, and i really need some helpful tutorials. Should i just leave 3D Maxs alone and give Maya ago. If and when i get something working i will post it here hopefully to help others!!

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    Re: Should I just learn to use Maya?

    Hi midgetall,

    It all depends on what you are most comfortable using. Some people prefer Max over Maya. If you are doing high-end photoreal cinematic work, pretty much everyone does that in Maya. Max is used for a lot of animation work by smaller studios. I believe a lot of video game studios like Max as well, though from our experience a lot of them are moving to Maya as well.

    Of course both are owned by the same company now so support is good on either one.

    Our plugin on Maya has been around longer than the Max version, but you should be able to do exactly the same things on both.


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    Re: Should I just learn to use Maya?

    Thanks, well Im more comfortable using Maxs, but my uncle always recommends Maya. I use them both for 'non commercial' use, and it would only but me back a little bit switching. I seem to learn from the actually doing things, seeing if they are possible, doing it the long way, then realising there is a 'tool' that does it in 3 secs. This is all well and good but for a new bit of software its hard to relearn the basics i already know. Ill give 3D maxs its fair trial with DMM but if i like DMM i might just need to learn maya so i can get another 30 days of goodness, if im allowed that is!

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    Re: Should I just learn to use Maya?

    Ive used both of them and 3ds max and z brush is what i prefer more than Maya.

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    But i will prefer maya i see my self comfortable with maya =)


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