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Thread: trial activation problem

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    trial activation problem

    Then i try to activate trial (Get free 30 days trial license), all freeze at some seconds and after give a message "Failed to retrieve license. Please Check your internet connection. Error code is: -100 (failed to contact server or error on server)" whith one button "OK" and header "Error".
    Internet connection is OK - pages open, another soft works well. May be problem in method of internet connection - throw proxy server (UserGate). Please say me way to resolve this problem.
    Sorry for my english, is's not my one`s own language.

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    Re: trial activation problem

    Hi ASK'R,

    well, the most plausible answer is that our server was down at the time you tried to get the license. Could you please try again now ?

    If it still fail, then please email me your "request code" (the bizarre string diplayed by the licensing tool) and I'll generate a trial license for you. My email is: etienne at pixelux dot ch (at->@, dot->.)
    "To infinity and beyond!" - Buzz Lightyear

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