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Thread: FreeWare Game Version?

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    FreeWare Game Version?

    Is there going to be any version for FreeWare game developers like me?

    I have been looking for something like this for ages, but i dont want to pay a shitload of cash (lol) to make some little destruction effects (Fences for an example). I am making a racing game, and would love bending fences ;3.


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    Re: FreeWare Game Version?

    The version promised will be free. You won't have to pay royalties or any fixed license fee. For the kinds of destruction you want to do, this version will be ideal. Bending fences and metal towers that collapse along with other kinds of destructables should be easy to do and well within the limited active element budget of the free version.

    If you want more active elements for widespread destruction, we will have a premium version that you can license. The fee will be reasonable, affordable to any studio.


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    Re: FreeWare Game Version?

    When do you think this DMM2 (or the freeware version) is going to come? holidays? or the next year? hopefully the holidays, for an example, i've been needing this for ages and hope yu improve the performance a bit too.... if possible, lol.

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    Re: FreeWare Game Version?

    We are investing heavily in DMM2, both from the manpower front and from a time perspective. The schedule is quite aggressive, but we are making good progress on it. Our goal is to build something that will have linear performance scalability. In other words, as you increase the computing power available, the capabilities of DMM increase in linear proportion to that. OpenCL will help greatly with that in terms of taking advantage of GPUs and multicore CPUs.

    You will see DMM2 before the year's up.

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