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Thread: First dmm object

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    First dmm object

    If you don't understand the tutorials that come in the dmm folder then here is a step by step tutorial. ( no pics. ) NOTICE: This is on how to make a surftri/netgen object.

    1. To make an object first click the side bar for me im going to click box but you can click what ever you want.
    2. Now click the object you made and click polygon modeling in the left hand corner on the bar.
    3. Click convert to polygon then go to subdivision and then select tessellate one or two times the more you click it the longer it will take to make dmm.
    4. Now go to the utilities on the side bar ( the hammer ) and now click the plus sign next to sets and more then go to the scroll bar on the list and go all the way down and select dmm under pixelux now click ok.
    5. Now hit DMM on the menu that menu that came up surftri/netgen the area is the maximum area of a single triangle ( basically effects realism but if its really low it will take a long time to make and quality is angles formed by each triangle.
    6. Adjust your settings and now click "create DMM object".
    7. There now you have a dmm object but you don't have ground to make ground just make another dmm object what ever size you want for the ground then click it hit the modify button on the side bar while having the object selected and check the passive box.

    - If you have any suggestions leave a comment on them. If people like this i will go on to another tutorial. Also was i specific enough?

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    Re: First dmm object

    I followed you help, thank you very much i had been somewhat lost, except i left the last piece out. I used a sphere rather than a cube, but i moved the timing bar and it crashed and chucked me out. Also noticed that the sphere was no longer visible, instead what could be descrived as an exploding planet, which for rendering can be a little difficult. Am i missing something here? Do you use the 'Objects' in the DMM menu, of just alter the properties in the right hand bar??

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    Re: First dmm object

    The problem you are encountering is due to creating changes while in the middle of the cache. You don't want to do that...

    Before making such changes, you want to go to the beginning of the cache, make your changes to the object and then reset the cache.


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    Re: First dmm object

    Exploding planet.... dipstick its the Pixelux logo that does seem to be the problem, is there anyway that if the object properties or number of objects within the DMMscene change, that the cache could pick up on the change. Possibly cache reference, check DMM scene object count to that stored in the cache reference file, also respective start positions for objects, plus some more checks then if a change is detected then wipe cache and offer option to recache. sounds easy but most likely not.

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    Re: First dmm object

    Dang I haven't used dmm in a while i subjest restarting and doing the tutorial over again if you have the same problem ill get on 3ds max and help you.


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