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    get it started


    i've just downloaded the beta plug-in for Max2010, installed it and tried to run it
    but my problem however is: how do i get started?
    the plug-in manager shows me that the plug-in is loaded, but i have no idea how i actually can create DMM.

    hope someone out here can help me out, i loved the plug-in for maya(but i dont understand maya as much as i understand 3dmax).



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    Re: get it started

    Hello PhaNtoMaGGoT,

    to create a DMM object, you should first open the DMM rollups in the utility pane. This is done the same way as regular plugins (the name of the DMM plugin simply is "DMM").
    Then create a polygonal object (i.e. convert one of the base objects to "editable poly") and open either the "Surftri/Netgen" or "Autocage" rollups.
    Finally, select the object(s) that you want to convert to DMM and hit the "create DMM Object" button.
    That's it ! playing the animation should make your objects fall under the effect of gravity.

    If you would like a more tourough explanation, please check out the doc that comes with the plugin. It is located in the hierarchy of folders created at installation time, starting with base path you specified (C:\program files\pixelux is the default on win32 machines)


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    Re: get it started

    Hi PhaNtoMaGGoT,

    I would highly recommend reading the help file.... it is very thorough and packed with useful information. Everything needed to get started and understand DMM is in there... Pixelux has done a great job on the docs as well as the plugin!


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