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Thread: 3ds max 2010 bug when playing animation

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    3ds max 2010 bug when playing animation

    Hello. im not sure if this is an bug thats coused by my PC or by the plug-in. Anyhow the problem is that once i try to play the DMM animation iv made and look in the 3d-view to enjoy it, the shapes turn to wireframe boxes!. like the bounding box that the objects are in. is this coused by my PC or is it the plug-in?.

    PS. My pc is not rly made for this and is very weak.The problem seams to appear when it gets laggy though.

    its kinda sad.. cus iv rly longed for toying with the DMM since my free license to maya passed out. D: (Can't wait till the public DMM viewer demo comes out! :P )

    Sorry if this topic is missplaced, im not rly sure where to place it.

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    Re: 3ds max 2010 bug when playing animation

    Hello Makke,

    this is not a bug: 3DS Max has this feature called "Active Degradation" that simplifies the animated shaped when the computer isn't powerfull enough for playing the animation in real time. To disable it and enjoy the actual animation, simply click on a button with a square icon located under the timeline, near the middle of the screen.

    Hope this helps,

    "To infinity and beyond!" - Buzz Lightyear

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    Re: 3ds max 2010 bug when playing animation

    Wow. you are truly helpfull thank u so much for all help so far. This community is really great
    thanks alot. :P

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