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Thread: Performance issues

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    Performance issues

    Maya really slows down when I create some DMM meshes that has 1000 or more faces. Although I have imported meshes that contain 100K faces and didn't suffer from the same slowdowns. Is there some kind of processing that is going on with the DMM when there is no simulation being run? trying to add any DMM object and translate it is extremely slow.

    I am running on a AMD 3Ghz Quad Core with 4Mb of ram.

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    Re: Performance issues

    Hi Mallaien,
    I moved your thread to the plugin section as it's not related to the DMM middleware itself.
    We are aware of this kind of slow downs and we apologize for it. The next version of the plugin will focus on performance.
    A work around is to disable the DMM objects that you are not editing. Of course you will need to re-enable them when you start the simulation.
    Thank your for your patience.
    Getting the plugin ready!

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    Re: Performance issues

    I have had some strange things happen recently.
    There not really bad things but more of a temporary workaround to the lag issue.

    1. I create a DMM object, turn on cache, and run the simulation at least past frame 2.
    2. go back to frame one, don't reset cache, add anything to the scene and you wont have any lag issues.

    So I am wondering if having the scene cached suspends something in the script?

    Hope this might shed some light in fixing the performance issue

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    Re: Performance issues

    Hi Mallalen,

    Sorry for the lack of response. We have been really busy lately!

    Can you tell me what version of the plug-in you are using?


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