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Thread: Animation Data for glass

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    Animation Data for glass

    Ive Maya 8.5 but Iam a real noob in doing something with dmm-plugin. Can somebody post a scene where i can destroy glass? Or can somebody make a scene in which wood,bricks,glass ... are in a row and i can make spheres crushing into them?

    Greetings WarStorm

    P.S. Sry for my bad english!

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    Re: Animation Data for glass

    Are you looking for a video of DMM?

    You can find videos in the Gallery.

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    Re: Animation Data for glass

    No, i saw all videos alreadyy.... Iam looking for a user made scene for maya 8.5 with Dmm plugin. So that i just have to open the scene in Maya and then i can make something. It just needs to have a piece of glass included. A falling Sphere I can make for example.

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    Re: Animation Data for glass

    Have you tried downloading the DMM Plug-in tutorials? Quite a few of them include maya scene examples.
    You can find them in this forum under tutorials or on the pixelux website in the support section.

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    Re: Animation Data for glass

    Ive all the Tutorials but then i open them there is an error from Maya!

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    Re: Animation Data for glass

    Hmm that's weird! What error message do you get?

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