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    Dmm engine...

    Hi my name is Mattias i live in Sweden and i am 13 years old i am making 3D models on my spare time. me and a few members of a forum ( are working on a mod (Forgotten) for the game Command and conquer 3 tiberium wars.

    i was wondering about this DMM engine... is it free? if so how do i get it? Do you give it out to anyone who wants to try it out? if i can get it that would be realy awsome!

    Thanks for your answer in advance!

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    Re: Dmm engine...

    Hi Mattias,
    Thank you for your interest with us. We don't plan to release a free version of the DMM API in the near future. For now you can download a time trial version of the plugin for Maya. We will make more announcements in the coming months.
    Trying to DMMize my C++ compiler

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