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Thread: Export Tets as Separate Animated Objects

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    Export Tets as Separate Animated Objects

    DMM is amazing... but we need to get the animated geometry into 3dsmax...

    if we cache the simulation then we should be able to know which tets or volumes will be created (and know their origin and animation results).

    so would it be possible to convert these distinct volumes into separate, solid animated objects? (who also might have vertex animation)

    this would allow us to use PointOven (or other exporter who supports deforming meshes) in order to get these deforming objects out of Maya and into other applications (primarily 3dsmax).

    this is critical! our production could use DMM right away but we _need_ a working path to Max...

    or maybe you can make the "DMM Scene >> Load Cached Animation" for Max soon (and make the Max plugin later as planned?)


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    Re: Export Tets as Separate Animated Objects

    I would like to add to this by suggesting that there are MANY reasons one would want to be able to convert cached output-mesh breaking animations into separate animation-baked objects. When using this tool for games, it won't be enough to just use the in-game engine when you have a game with a LOT of effects going on. It just bogs the engine down too much and kills the frame rate. A technique we use is to combine "canned" effects (joint animation of the major pieces) with dynamics effects calculated in-game. The initial animation is made in Maya with dynamics and converted to joint animation for game use, so we still get a full dynamics feel to our joint animations. This then gives us a controllable balance where we can create large very cinematic-like effects, realtime in-game, without killing frame rate.

    Without an ability to do this, this is not really a viable tool for serious game creation use. What do you think the chances are that this feature could get added to DMM?

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    Re: Export Tets as Separate Animated Objects

    We are looking into this for you. We'll post a response in the next few days.


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