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Thread: Unknown object type: DMMScene

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    Unknown object type: DMMScene


    I've just installed DMMPlugin for Maya 2008, but it's giving me these errors.
    1. While loading plugin:
    Error: Unable to dynamically load : C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Maya2008/bin/plug-ins/dmm_release.mll
    2. And when I choose something related to DMM(for example "Create DMM Cube":
    RuntimeError: Unknown object type: DMMScene

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    Re: Unknown object type: DMMScene

    How are you loading the plugin? are you running the python script in the plugin menu? or are you loading the libraries directly by selecting them in the plugin menu?

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    Re: Unknown object type: DMMScene

    I select "Load" and "Auto load" in plugin manager. After selecting "Load" it returns "Unable to access HASP Run-time Environment (H0033)" and other errors as mentioned above.

    EDIT: I managed to fix it. Somehow antivirus blocked installation of HASP drivers during plugin instalation. Now it works great

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    Re: Unknown object type: DMMScene

    yeah i had the same problem with norton firewall .. i had to turn it off . ( actually i removed it for AVG and zone Alarm ) .


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